New Closet: The Accessory Edition—Shoes

Now that you’ve edited your clothes thoroughouly, you might think your closet’s palette has gone from wildly colorful to stark bland. Fear not! There’s a solution to splash a little color to your classic blacks, whites and neutrals.

They’re called accessories and they can be tricky.

You can either use accessories to punctuate an outfit with the right colored shoes or a bold piece of jewelry, or  you can build an entire ensemble around an interesting shawl. It all depends on what you’re aiming for…and your mood, of course.

So, let’s start of with something simple: A Basic Pair of Black Pumps and Flats

Preferably a pair—and this applies to both the heels and the flats—that you can dress up for eveningwear if need be. A pair that is simple in design and timeless in style. Something you can wear to work but also kinky enough to walk about town.

Every fashionista’s closet needs to have one pair of basic black heels and one pair of black flats. Both pairs of shoes need to be comfortable to wear. Be whatever style, heel height or design, as long as you can walk in the m. And again invest in a quality pair. Classic pieces such as these never go out of style. Take good care of them and they will be good to your wardrobe and your dainty feet.

Ace’s Note: Ladies, you’ve seen women who walk in heels and are in p ain, all for the sake of style. It’s hard to watch and it’s just not pretty. Being graceful and confident is way more sexy and fashionable.